sync contacts: sql select from crm_contact, crm_contact_info

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sync contacts: sql select from crm_contact, crm_contact_info

Post by segro » Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:25 am

hi @all,
** I KNOW YOU've GOT AN API ** but:
I need a mysql selct to join all contacts with contact deatils to push that in a ldap-addressbook. we used sugarcrm before and there i simply did:

Code: Select all

SELECT AS id, contacts.first_name AS givenName,contacts.last_name AS sn,contacts.last_name AS cn , AS o,
        primary_address_street AS street,primary_address_postalcode AS postalCode, primary_address_city AS l,
        contacts.phone_work AS telephoneNumber,contacts.phone_mobile AS mobile, email_addresses.email_address AS mail
FROM contacts
        INNER JOIN accounts_contacts ON accounts_contacts.contact_id = AND accounts_contacts.deleted=0
        INNER JOIN accounts ON = accounts_contacts.account_id AND accounts.deleted=0
        LEFT JOIN email_addr_bean_rel eabr ON eabr.bean_id = AND eabr.deleted=0 AND eabr.bean_module='Contacts'
        LEFT JOIN email_addresses ON = eabr.email_address_id AND email_addresses.deleted=0
can anybody tell me how to get similar results from crm_contact, crm_contact_info in onlyoffice?
Thank you for any hints...

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