Can't edit any document using my document server

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Can't edit any document using my document server

Post by DieserMerlin » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:32 am

Hello Guys,
I'm new to onlyoffice and I need some help installing it correctly.
I have a nextcloud and want edit documents in my cloud using onlyoffice, so I installed onlyoffice documentserver as a docker container and mapped a subdomain with a valid ssl certificate to the port I used for the documentserver (5321) using apache2 for ubuntu what works very well. The documentserver is reachable from a browser using https.
When I set that subdomain in my nextcloud onlyoffice settings it says "settings successfully saved" and when I try to open a document in open's a new tab. The problem is: that tab is blank. I don't see any editor or anything. When I enter another subdomain that doesn't point to my documentserver it doesn't even open that page, so it seems to be connected to my documentserver.

To be sure it doesn't have anything to do with my nextcloud I installed a communityserver instance the same way using another subdomain (with a valid ssl certificate too btw). When I setup the documentserver in the corresponding section of my communityserver instance it connects successfully to but when I create and open a new document in a project it doesn't open an editor as well and just shows a blank page.

I hope you understand my problem. This is the subdomain my documentserver is running on:

I would be very thankful for help, because I absolutely don't understand why this is not working.

Merlin Westphal

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Re: Can't edit any document using my document server

Post by Maxim » Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:37 am

Hello DieserMerlin!
It needs to see Nextcloud log.

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