[Community Server] Data loss in files

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[Community Server] Data loss in files

Post by at_adg » Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:06 am


We're losing the information in the files from time to time. Save the document (menu -> Save or Ctrl+S), close it and open it again - half the information is missing.

I noticed such behavior for xls files at the moment.

Sadly, I could not get a logic of the issue and reproduce the problem manually. And there is nothing in the logs.

We use the version of Document Server 5.1.4 and has connected Group Folders module to the Nextcloud.

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Re: [Community Server] Data loss in files

Post by Maxim » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:41 am

Hello at_adg!
1. "close it and open it again" - please remember that it takes about 5-10 seconds to save the file. As i understand you have Nextcloud server connected to the Document Server. So the logic is when you save file (menu -> Save or Ctrl+S) it means that your editings you have made were saved in the Document Server's cache (not on your Nextcloud server). At this moment the file is not combined and saved as a file on a storage (on your Nextcloud server). Tab with this file is still open in your browser and when you close the tab in your browser Document Server "understands" that the file must be combined and saved on your storage. For this operation needs 5-10 seconds. It depends on server's performance. So you should know that file will be placed on Nextcloud server and saved after closing tab with this file only. Before this operation in stores in the Document Server's cache.
2. When you click on "Save" button in Nextcloud settings for Onlyoffice what message do you get?
3. Please specify there are two different servers for Nextcloud and Document Server. Also it would be great if specify what instruction you followed to install Document server.

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