Custom server side saving with the callback option

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Re: Custom server side saving with the callback option

Post by talk2thiyagu » Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:47 am

No, I am not asking for this.
I think you did not get my question, I am talking about user's perspective.
We can't make user to do this all the time.

My question is simple,
What if user closes the window in the middle of the document.In this case also OnlyOffice call my CallBackUrl and my server stores the file.
How to avoid this?

Note:User closing the window in the middle because he do not want to save the document.
Please revert if you need more clarification on this.

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Re: Custom server side saving with the callback option

Post by Kuldeep » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:49 am

Hello Noldor
I have same requirement as according to this post and i am also facing this issue i actually want to add my custom button on page..when click on that download button that updated document i want to download means in other way we can say that i want to add custom button that will download the last updated document.If you got success on this post than let me know also how you achieve your second requirement of download updated document.

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Re: Custom server side saving with the callback option

Post by threeleaves » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:11 am


I think the issue noldor is talking about is perhaps using OnlyOffice in an iframe.

Rather than post a new question I thought I'd expand on noldor's with a bit more clarity.

The current implementation of the api doesn't seem to have a solution for those of us using onlyoffice in an iframe. That is, having a wrapper around onlyoffice that gives the user the ability to make decisions like when or if to save a document outside of the onlyoffice iframe instance (like a custom 3rd party document storage server) after edits have occurred.

My question is, why was the 'onSave' event removed? The callbackUrl functionality does not let a user decide what action to take dependent on status.

For example, if my backend is C# and I specify a controller callBackUrl the callback context is an onlyoffice iframe meaning I can only use the callBack data in my backend but it doesn't have any front-end context for a user to interact with. So this means no dialog and control for a user to specify filenames or whether or not to save the edited document to our own document storage server.

onSave (save button clicked) functionality should be returned to the api.

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