Integration questions: Custom Attributes and DocEditor

Integration questions/issues
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Integration questions: Custom Attributes and DocEditor

Post by ta7tou7 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 12:34 pm

I was exploring onlyoffice in order to integrate it in our contract lifecycle solution
Currently we are using an HTML editor called tinymce and we are looking for a solution that supports natively docx documents.

At first glance, I have the feeling that your solution could be a good candidate for our product.
in terms of editing/rendering capabilities, it is really great and complete !

But what we need in concord is more than that:
We need more fine-grained control over the document elements and to achieve that we have to bind document elements with some data in our database.
Unfortunately, onlyoffice api is quite close, we cannot add custom attributes to document elements (paragraphs, comments ...)
and that is a big problem for us, since we are not only a solution for editing documents but we provide the support of the whole contract lifecycle: from creation to signing
and as you could understand, we have a lot of custom logic to integrate and it is impossible to do something like that without having the ability to add custom attributes to document elements.

A second point I want to raise is the limited capabilities of the DocEditor Api: if we want to replace onlyoffice top bar with our own topbar for example that is impossible (according to the public api).
Also as far as I understand, we cannot add/remove/rename menus from the top bar: the only possible way to add new functionality is under the plugin tab and that is too different from what we have now.

So my first question is : Do you confirm what I said (maybe there is some solutions but they are not yet documented)
My second question: do you have future plans to support these requests ?

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Re: Integration questions: Custom Attributes and DocEditor

Post by Carl » Thu Oct 08, 2020 10:52 am

Hello ta7tou7,

1) There is no possibility to add custom attributes to document elements. I'd recommend you to take a look at content controls, they will allow you to add custom elements to the document and manage these elements. Here are the example plugins that demonstrate working with content controls: ... t-controls

2) Adding/renaming menus to the top toolbar is not available and we have no such plans at the moment.

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