Creating a Save and Close button

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Creating a Save and Close button

Post by craigchampion1976 » Fri May 11, 2018 6:05 am


We have successfully integrated the Document Server to our system and all is working well except for one thing. This is that users are complaining that it is not clear to them how to Save and Close the document they are editing.

I am aware that auto-save happens, that Ctrl-S works and that there is a save button buried in the menu. However, my users have pretty basic IT skills and worry that they will lose their changes unless there is something big obvious that says Save or ideally Save and Close in an obvious place all the time.

Is there anyway to implement this?



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Re: Creating a Save and Close button

Post by Maxim » Fri May 11, 2018 7:53 am

Hello craigchampion1976!
The mechanism of saving documents is explained here. As usually "to save the document" means that a file is saved in a storage and ready to use. But in our case before the file will be saved in a storage it is saved in the Document Server's cache. When you open a file and work with it all changes you have made are kept in the Document Server's cache (not in a storage) but when you close the file (browser's tab with this file) Document Server combines your changes into a file and informs the document storage service about the end of the document editing using the callbackUrl from JavaScript API and returns the link to the modified document. And now document storage service downloads the document file with all the saved changes from the document editing service and stores it on your storage. It means that if you did not close the file and left it opened this file is not saved in your storage, all these changes that you made are in the Document Server's cache.
In co-editing mode you should remember that file will be saved in a storage after closing the file by the last user. If the file is opened by User1, User2 and User3 in co-editing mode and User 2 closed the file it means that this file is not saved in a storage yet. But there are still two sessions connected to this file. User2 closed the file, it is still is not saved and when the User3 closed this file and there is no any open session to this file on the Document Server document editing service is ready to collect this file from the Document Server's cache and give a link to the document storage service to save that file in a storage.

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