How to get forgotten files

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How to get forgotten files

Post by some.username » Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:55 pm

In case the client get crashed and the client(whatever) doesn't downloaded the output file:

how can i talk the onlyoffice server to "resend" the download link? or how can i download the forgotten files in "/var/lib/onlyoffice/../../cache/forgotten"?

is there any other way except manual copy?

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Re: How to get forgotten files

Post by Maxim » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:13 pm

i suppose you need
#Copy file to the document server directory
cp collectlost.js /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/server/DocService/sources/

#Change owner for new file
sudo chown onlyoffice:onlyoffice /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/server/DocService/sources/collectlost.js

#Add executable rights for
sudo chmod a+e

#Run repairing
sudo ./
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