Collaboration: Review mode activated by default

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Collaboration: Review mode activated by default

Post by benjin » Mon Oct 26, 2020 5:33 am

Hello dear developers,

=> Installation type:
- Registration Email: for the purchase (usrId found in licence file: db2b63e378d44b79a4136246931279b1).
- OS of the Document Server: Linux
- Installation type: Docker via this tutorial: ... ation.aspx, Only Office for developers, single production server, 250 connection.

=> Context:
In the document editor: I did not find any possibility to force the reviewing mode activation by default when anyone opens any editable document. In other words, follow every modifications made in the document with markup display mode by default.

=> Need:
I need to know:
- If it is possible, technically and even if there is no documentation on this in the Help Center, to force the reviewing mode to be activated by default (with markup display mode) when anyone opens a document in edit mode.
- If it is possible, how to do it, or what are the tracks/Tricks to do it, or even where in some JS files can I modify some parameters to perform this task (I Guess it's a JS parameter, somewhere in OnlyOffice scripts)

I hope my problem is clearly explained.

Thank you alot for your help.
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Re: Collaboration: Review mode activated by default

Post by Carl » Mon Nov 02, 2020 2:55 pm

Hello benjin,

As you have a commercial license, I'd recommend posting your requests in our Helpdesk (

You can combine edit:false and review:true permissions to open documents in Review mode (unswitchable Track Changes). More info here: ... ons#review

Example is also available here: (see Review)

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