ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v5.3.X

Document Server releases and description of the update.
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ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v5.3.X

Post by Maxim » Fri May 31, 2019 12:07 pm

Document Server changelog on GitHub
ONLYOFFICE editors v.5.3 with better reviewing, more image formatting and new file formats.

New Features

All Editors
  • New placements for undo-redo, save and print button in top toolbar
    250 document languages (mostly without spellcheck)
    Completely redone font engine (Better support of CJK fonts and much more)
    Ability to flip and rotate shape/images
    Ability to crop images
    Adding bookmark do not close bookmark window
    Comments are show in all edit-view modes
    New hotkeys on MacOS
    New license flag customization
    Load images from storage
    Add options for objects align (align to page, margin, slide)
    New hints for shapes (Bug #20091)
Document Editor
  • Formulas in Tables
    Save as DOTX, PDF-A, OTT
    Show review changes in view mode
    Can't remove review changes of another user
    Can't remove a comments of another user (option customization.commentAuthorOnly = true)
    Add description for moved text and move to changed text in Review mode
    Get link to bookmark
    Search selected text
Spreadsheet Editor
  • Български, Svenska (Finland), Svenska (Sverige) number format
    Translates of formulas to Italian
    Go to link by click, not control click
    Support of Print areas
    Ability to set exact text orientations in degrees
    Text to column Wizards
    Paste Text Wizard
    Save as XLTX, PDF-A, OTS
    Support of Array Formula
    Icon and Data Bars Conditional Formatting
    Gradient and Texture cell fill
    Show hint with function/arguments description when typing function
    Show min and max values in status bar
    Distribute objects
    Redone cut cell process (cell not removed after cut immediately)
Presentation Editor
  • Save as POTX, PDF-A, OTP
    Add font rendering option
    Search and replace text
    Internal hyperlinks: entering the slide number manually

All Editors
  • Remove photo editor plugin