Changing Document Server backend

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Changing Document Server backend

Post by buddhima » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:18 am


I used OnlyOffice in an integration scenario and it's quite impressive. In that scenario I used docker image of OnlyOffice.
According to documents, to install OnlyOffice document server, we need a Windows server (for spell-checker).
I'm interested in integrating OnlyOffice document server with a PHP application (OwnCloud) without using docker images. To do such modification, I may need to port source codes written in C, C++ etc (in core repo), to PHP. Also need to figure-out the uses of rabbitMQ, NodeJS etc.
So, before going ahead with the idea, I would like to know, what are the reasons your decision to use those technologies (C, C++, rabbitMQ etc.) as OnlyOffice Developers. And were there circumstances of using just one server-side language, such as PHP/NodeJS, for developing this? Appreciate your opinions.


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Re: Changing Document Server backend

Post by Eugenie » Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:09 pm


Actually we started from the Windows version and then decided to create a cross-platform version and it was a more suitable for us decision.

But you can use ONLYOFFICE Document Server as service and do not port source codes to PHP.

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