Feature Suggestion For Client App

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Feature Suggestion For Client App

Post by yanuk » Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:45 am

Loving ONLYOFFICE so far after a few month's use. Thanks to all the Devs and Contributors!

Currently the client app on windows/Mac/Android is able to view the documents connected to our self hosted NextCloud. Really fantastic.
We have 3 laptops running OnlyOffice and will be rolling out to all the other users soon.

I would like to suggest the following:
Ability to manage and access different aspects of the web interface through the client app (eg: projects, CRM, community, mail. etc..)

This way, we can really use 1 app to work through out without having the distractions of opening a web page (which will lead to the temptation of opening other pages, lol)

But yeah, everything inside 1 app seem to good for productivity, or it can happen as an add-on to the app for those who only want the office tools and not other features.


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Re: Feature Suggestion For Client App

Post by Alexander_mb » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:18 am

Hello yanuk,

We appreciate you interest to ONLYOFFICE platform.

We are planning to release application for other modules, like CRM or Mail in the future.

We have forwarded your suggestion to include all the modules in one app to our Design Department for further consideration.

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