Facing problem while integrating the doccument server

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Facing problem while integrating the doccument server

Post by rajat » Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:10 am

i earlier installed community server edition, then latter installed Integration server edition.
I want to achieve this scenario, kindly guide me weather this is possible or not. of yes then how?

i want to do actually :

1) I am creating 2 users - suppose they are Rajat and Max.

2) Then i logged in to my server and created a new doc file in my document ( mydoc.docx )

3) I have shared this file with user Max.
File link is : ... BZz0_IjQi0

4) So to access this file directly from browser user Max must be logged in first. (Direct access of document server via browser)

5) Now I want that my application which has the credentials of Max( username and password) can embed the editor view with my own application page. (may be with java script or through my web app side code)

6) So what will be the config format and what values should be written to get things done.
(i have got a token by hitting URL with Max credentials. )
which gaves me respose like :
"count": 1,
"status": 0,
"statusCode": 201,
"response": {
"token": "1N9zadaZt8+SHAJO3ect1u/ko0XahV2hix/43+WAngj119moCdOI/An56l/jcC6Aqy8XKq/EI7WmkvfWS5/OnT7ikaMWB2VdhaYmH/1hOkuqyRUhv1Zvw9CrmsJ/hG+7WH1zIPwqYyBz1bLKxaGaYA==",
"expires": "2018-08-18T07:41:22.4326910Z",
"sms": false,
"phoneNoise": null

7) How to proceed from now? weather i have to change the format of doc URL with this token or have to do any-other operation with the received token, by which i can access the doc editor in my web app with Max credentials or token

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Re: Facing problem while integrating the doccument server

Post by Maxim » Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:11 am

Hello rajat!
The community server has a mechanism for granting file access rights between the participants. This can be done via the API using the authorization token from step 6.
Opening a file from the server's community to editing is possible only through the /products/files/doceditor.aspx page
If you want to display the editing of a file on your page you should add an iframe with the source to /products/files/doceditor.aspx for the desired file.

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