Complete beginners guide to installing Community Server

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Complete beginners guide to installing Community Server

Post by 10acious » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:38 am

Until yesterday, I have never seen or used a Linux computer. After a day's effort, I have installed OpenOffice Community Server (OOCS) on a PC, and created an OO Administrator account. When I understand how to send the Activation Mail[*] from it (not explained), I think I'll have a working system. I found the information and videos on the OO website concerning server installation overwhelming, and indicating that lots of command-prompt typing was necessary. That alarmed me and I nearly gave up several times.

The purpose of this thread is to remind myself exactly what I did, and to share that with others. When I finally got installation of Ubuntu server and then OOCS underway, which can be fully automatic as I found, you can have a working system with no understanding of Linux. Or so it seems*. This is not, of course, an official guide, nor is it necessarily totally accurate (I hope that it is), things may change and I may have assumed that you know some things (I'll try not to). So, here we go.

PART 1: Converting an old PC into a Linux server

1. Find an old PC and make sure that it has 6GB of RAM installed. I found a small Fujitu PC (model -------), available used for under $75. I took out the hard disk with Windows on it in case I needed to convert it back, and fitted a new blank disk.

2. I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 Server LTS and burned and verified it to a DVD on a Windows PC. It seems that the server editions are developed much more slowly than the desktop version which is currently on version 17x, but the three and a half year old server 14x is the one to go for.

3. I put the disk in the Fujitsu DVD drive, and install Ubuntu Server onto the fresh drive. I set it to erase everything.

4. Take care when selecting a keyboard! Test that the keys actually appear as you expect on screen or as I found, what you think is the password isn't and you have to reinstall from scratch after a boot! There is quite a neat facility on the keyboard-install page to check keyboard functionality. Use it.

5. Create an home folder encryption (optional) and under name and password.

6. Let the installation complete. Either during this installation or on the first occasion after reboot, I was asked if I wished to update to a newer version of Ununtu Server LTS, version 16X I think. I declined because I did not want to stray from recommendations and assume that I could update a running system later.

7. Shut down, remove DVD disk. Reboot.

8. Amazingly for a Linux virgin, when I rebooted the Fujitsu, the Linux desktop appeared, I entered the encryption key and user password and .... I was in. posting.php?mode=post&f=43&sid=aa22d317 ... 5a356198f2#

Now to install Open Office Community Edition the very easy way. Next post ....

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Re: Complete beginners guide to installing Community Server

Post by Maxim » Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:30 am

Hello 10acious!
I'm waiting for your next post (PART 2)

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