Inserted rows vanish

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Inserted rows vanish

Post by drimakus » Thu Oct 18, 2018 7:42 am


We've using ONLYOFFICE Document Server with OwnCloud for several months. We use Ubuntu 18.04 for both servers.

Last october 5th, Document Server was updated to version 5.2.2, as part of a regular 'apt dist-upgrade'. I've been troubleshooting this update during a week or so, including the deployment of a new Ubuntu server with the trial version of Document Server Integration Edition.

Well, I was editing a spreadsheet, created with the previous version of Document Server, when I noticed that a row that I had just inserted disappeared after leaving and re-editing the document. This happened with the Integration Edition.

I was finally able to get the 'old' server to work, with Community Edition updated to 5.2.2. I verified that same thing happens: I insert one or several rows, get back to OwnCloud, re-open the document, and the newly inserted rows are there no more. But now, I know more details: I edit the spreadsheet, insert rows, write text in them..., and now:

If I get back to ownCloud and I immediately re-open the document: The rows are there.
If I repeat the process, getting back and quickly re-opening the document: The rows are there.
If I get back to ownCloud, wait a little, for example, writing these lines, and I re-open the document: The lines are gone.
If I get back to ownCloud, refresh the page and re-open the document: The lines are gone.

Thanks in advance.
Jose Juan Iglesias.

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Re: Inserted rows vanish

Post by Carl » Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:21 am

Hello Jose.

There actually were some issues with updating the Document Server using regular commands on Ubuntu and the recommended update procedure was to remove the document server package and install the new version. The issues were fixed in 5.2 update but the fix will work starting from this version. This means, in order to update to 5.2 properly we still recommend to remove the package and install anew.

Please check if the changes in other documents are saved. Open any document, add some changes, wait for the message "all changes saved" to appear and close the file. Then wait for about 10 sec, refresh the page and check if the "modified" column has changed. Also download the file and open it on your computer. Check if changes are present in the document.

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Re: Inserted rows vanish

Post by drimakus » Thu Oct 18, 2018 4:22 pm

Hello Carl.

Not only are other documents saved correctly, but also the majority of changes performed over spreadsheets, other than the insertion of rows or columns. In the document I mentioned in my first message (lets call it DOC A), I'm able to permanent insert new sheets, for example. Other changes in the data, in existent cells, they also persist.

I've just created a new spreadsheet with data in A1 and B2 cells. This creation has been permanent. Then, a few minutes later, I've been able to permanent insert a new row number 2.

But afterwards, I've created another spreadsheet (DOC B) and I've copied and pasted all the contents of DOC A into DOC B. This operation has been persistent. Then I've inserted new rows in DOC B (three rows: 36, 37 and 38). I had opened DOC B twice, in two different browser tabs, and I saw this change propagated to the other tab. I closed the document in one tab, and the insertion seemed to persist. I repeatedly open DOC B in one tab meanwhile it was opened in the other, and the change was still there. But when I closed both tabs and I reloaded the page, the changed had gone.

I also edit all these ownCloud documents through its Webdav interface, with LibreOffice. I can insert rows permanently in this way. But I can't with OnlyOffice, in the cases mentioned above.

By the way, I actually don't save documents in OnlyOffice. All I do when I finish editing a document is to click in the 'Back to Documents' button (I don't know its name in English. Its name in Spanish is 'Ir a Documentos'). This button takes my back form OnlyOffice to ownCloud. It seems that all changes are saved immediately.

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Re: Inserted rows vanish

Post by Alexander_mb » Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:07 am

Hello drimakus,

Have you tried to download the file and open it locally on the PC, as Carl asked in the previous message?
Also download the file and open it on your computer.
Please send us a screenshot of address settings of ONLYOFFICE integration app in ownCloud.

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