Initial portal user activation not working

Adding a first (new) user / portal activity notifications / email / chat
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Initial portal user activation not working

Post by pju_szdm » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:19 pm

Dear everyone,

I installed the docker containers using the install script, with

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-ims false
to deactivate the Mailserver, and restarted the communityserver container with

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docker run -p [...] 
to expose it on port 8080.

On the docker host a postfix MTA is running which is able to deliver e-mails.

When I tried to define the admin user in the initialization wizzard its activation e-mail could not be sent out:

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ASC.Notify - [Welcome to ONLYOFFICE!] sended to [(<] over email.sender, status: Impossible  System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Exception of type 'System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException' was thrown.
My questions now are:

a) how do I activate this user without e-mail confirmation? (the

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table in the onlyoffice database contains only an administrator user entry)
b) how do I configure the onlyoffice community server image to use the MTA on the docker host?

All hints appreciated


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