CentOS 7 + Nextcloud + Onlyoffice

Issues during installation and related to database
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CentOS 7 + Nextcloud + Onlyoffice

Post by bertalanimre » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:58 am

Hello Forum,

I'm trying to install and implement OnlyOffice in Nextcloud without dockers, and I already have a CentOS 7 server with MySQL 5.7 installed. How do I install onlyoffice besides just doing yum install onlyoffice-documentserver, systemctl enable supervisord and systemctl start supervisord? Systemctl status supervisord sais the service is running, but Nextcloud is unable to connect to it. I receive a "Error when trying to connect: Bad request or timeout error" message when trying to save. The URL is the same URL as it is for my nextcloud (since they are installed on the same server).
To summarize it, here is what I've done:
  • Installed nextcloud (with custom certificate and installed it on cloud.mycompany.com)
    installed onlyoffice with

    Code: Select all

    yum install onlyoffice-documentserver

Any help would be appreciated. :(

Thanks in advance!


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Re: CentOS 7 + Nextcloud + Onlyoffice

Post by Maxim » Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:35 pm

Hello bertalanimre!
Do you try to run Nextcloud and Onlyoffice on the same (80) port?
See here or here

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