Restore by passing the backup file from commandline?

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Restore by passing the backup file from commandline?

Post by afrancescon » Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:17 pm

I have an issue trying to migrate a previously instantiated portal to a new machine (ONLYOFFICE Enterprise edition, Docker installation).
I have created the backup file in the old portal. It is a file larger than 30GB.
Since it is nearly impossible to upload it via the frontend (it's a Linux machine with no desktop env installed, thus I cannot point to the local folders. Trying to do it from another machine fails because of the size of the backup file), I was looking for an alternative way to have the file inserted in the portal directly from the filesystem, i.e., by copying it into a specific folder and thus allowing it to be recognized as a back up by the portal frontend.
Is it possible? I have found where the manual backups are stored, but even if I add there my backup file, it is not recognized (I think the file has to be inserted also in the MySQL db).
Thanks in advance for any suggestion you can provide me!

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Re: Restore by passing the backup file from commandline?

Post by Alexandre » Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:40 am

Hello afrancescon.
According to client database you have a license. Please note, as you have commercial license, we recommend you to contact our Helpdesk to get a prompt reply to your future questions.
As for your question, sorry, but the only way is to use Control Panel to restore the backup.

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