Old document instead of new version

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Old document instead of new version

Post by UltraStalker » Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:37 pm

This problem baffles me. In process of integration, my module sends configuration query to OnlyOffice, with correct generated document key and with url where OnlyOffice can take this document.

Example. CapsLock - deleted data.

Code: Select all

config = {
		"document":{"fileType":"docx","key":"3kfbuqx2","type":"desktop","title":"договор 1","url":"HTTP_PATH_TO_DOCUMENT.DOCX","permissions":{"comment":true,"download":true,"save":true,"edit":false,"print":true,"review":true},},"editorConfig":{"callbackUrl":"CORRECT_PATH_TO_CALLBACK_MODULE","mode":"view","lang":"ru","user":{"id":"MY_ID","name":"MY_NAME"},"customization":{"spellcheck":false,"compactHeader":true,"compactToolbar":true,"hideRightMenu":true,"mentionShare":true,"reviewDisplay":"final","showReviewChanges":true,"logo":{"image":"PATH_TO_LOGO","url":"MY_URL"}}}
		var docEditor = new DocsAPI.DocEditor("placeholder",config);
Then I changing opened document and closing it. The next open of same document shows me all my changes, but that is the last time I see my changes because in the next open OnlyOffice openes the old version of document. How it's possible? The same key, the same url, and all options for view all changes - without that changes. I even changed value expire → updateVersionStatus in default.json on OnlyOffice server from "5m" to "1s", but problem doean't solved this way. It's more interesting that OnlyOffice returns true link on true document version with all changes for callback module, but can't open my document with my changes in editor window - looks like it's ignoring url option and taking the most oldest version which it can find in it's cache. It seems now it's really is time to call for Sam and Din Winchester for solving this problem...

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