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Only Office Reinstall

Post by Nico_m » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:58 pm

Hello you all, i am relative new to only office Enteprise and with hosting on own server, so please be kind to me.

I´am trying know to discribe my problem and i hope somebody can help me:

1.I saved a backup file from only office.

now i wanted to do a clean install on another Linux (ubuntu 18-04) so is followed the docker installation skript and everything worked fine --> it was possible to reach my only office portal via IP Adress.

After i tried to insert my backup file. only office gave ma a bad Gateway 502

and i could reach my portal anymore.

I tried to delete all the containers on my linux. --> done
reinstalled them --> done

i thought everything was set to the beginning. --> No OO greets me with the same dialog trying to recover your back up. and than 502 bad gateway

my screenshot from this "welcome screen" is in german so sorry for that but maybe somebody knows what i trie to explain and can help me

thanks a lot
best wishes
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Re: Only Office Reinstall

Post by Alexandre » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:46 pm

According to our data base you have a commercial license. We recommend you to follow your ticket at

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