Feature request: DOTX template files

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Re: Feature request: DOTX template files

Post by Maxim » Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:35 am

Hello Howardnouse!
DOTX format is supported by Onlyoffice editor

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Re: Feature request: DOTX template files

Post by scotthews » Fri Nov 08, 2019 6:06 am

Hi, new to OnlyOffice and was trying to find how to use a dotx as a template base. Found this post and I think the concept of a dotx template may not be fully understood. A dotx template is very widely used as this is the basis of of non-macro document template. Any application providing document creation options should be able to use a dotx as a template (i.e. create a new document (docx) from an existing dotx template). Word processing applications would usually provide you a mechanism to choose a dotx, when choosing to create a new document, and then build you a docx which is a copy of the dotx. For instance in Microsoft Word, if you double-click a docx, it will open that document, if you double-click a dotx, it will create you a brand new document based upon the styles, layout etc that was in the dotx. In all Word processing applications, you need to be able to create a template layout for various types of document and save as a template (dotx) so you can later use these as a base for new documents of that type. This is clearly a feature, from what I can see, that's missing from the OnlyOffice Desktop Editors. Please correct me if I'm wrong and OnlyOffice does provide proper support for dotx files (i.e. not just the ability to edit them).

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Re: Feature request: DOTX template files

Post by Andrew » Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:00 pm

Hello scotthews,

In current state .dotx files are converted to .docx. You can leave copy of .dotx and create new file, but there is no such templates functionality as in MS Word. We plan to implement it but, unfortunately, it is not in highest priority at this moment. If you want to speed it up please contact sales@onlyoffice.com to discuss custom development case of this feature.

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