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Installation Guide

Post by Dean » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:26 pm

We're glad to inform you, that the ONLYOFFICE 8.1 for rpm-based systems is released.

System Requirements:

2 Gb RAM;

2 Gb Swap-file;

HDD: 2 Gb free space;

Distribution kit: Red Hat, Cent OS, or compatible one;

mono: version 3.2 or higher;

MySQL: version 5.6 or higher;


Dependencies setup:

ONLYOFFICE uses Mono, nginx and MySQL-server as a database. Dependencies (which are to be found in the system repositorium) will be installed automatically during the installation process with 'yum install' command.

Adding of repo which includes actual package versions of mono and xsp (official guide: ... all/linux/).
Add GPG-key

sudo rpm --import " ... 38D3D831EF"

Add the repo:

sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo

Utility 'yum-config-manager' you may find in 'yum-utils' package.

We recommend you to use mono version 3.10 or higher. You may find out the mono version by executing the 'mono --version' command

Adding the nginx repo (Official guide: Create file: /etc/yum.repos.d/nginx.repo and add the following text:

name=nginx repo

Change '$releasever' to your OS version (5 for 5.x versions, 6 for 6.xversions, 7 for 7.x and so on).

Adding the MySQL repo (Official guide: ... -repo.html). Follow the link to the page of downloading repo: Select the package wich is more suitable for your OS. Download and install the package by 'rpm -i' command. ПAfter the command is executed, the official repo of MySQL 5.6 will be added to your system..

Add the repo of MySQL for RHEL 7 you can be executing the following commands: wget ... noarch.rpm sudo rpm -ivh mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpm

ONLYOFFICE installation:

Add the yum-repo of ONLYOFFICE, by creating '/etc/yum.repos.d/onlyoffice.repo' file which contains:

name=onlyoffice repo


sudo yum install onlyoffice

ONLYOFFICE configuring:

Before the ONLYOFFICE is launched it is necessary to create DB and configure the connection to it. To do it, please, launch the configuration script: /var/www/onlyoffice/ Script will request the parameters of MySQL connection, create the DB, renew the configuration files and launch all services.

Script doesn't create any users for DB or change any passwords to the existing ones.

NB: This version doesn't include the text editors. as we're working on them at the moment. The Editors are planned to be released at the beginning of the next year.