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Installation guide

Post by Dean » Thu Dec 25, 2014 12:55 pm

We're glad to inform you, that the ONLYOFFICE 8.1 for deb-based systems is released.

System Requirements:

2 Gb RAM;

2 Gb Swap-file;

HDD: 2 Gb free space;

Distribution kit: Debian, Ubuntu or compatible one;

mono: version 3.2 or higher;

MySQL: version 5.6 or higher;


It is necessary to have Mono, nginx и MySQL-server installed.

All the instructions for installation of these components you may find on the official websites.

ONLYOFFICE Installation:

Download and install gpg-key:

sudo wget

sudo apt-key add onlyoffice.key

Add the repository: to /etc/apt/sources.list by any text editor (nano, for example) add the line:

deb squeeze main

Update the cache of the Package manager:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install onlyoffice

After that ONLYOFFICE will be available and will be renewed as any other deb-package.

NB: This version doesn't include the text editors. as we're working on them at the moment. The Editors are planned to be released at the beginning of the next year.