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Community Server v9.0

Community Server releases and description of the update.

Community Server v9.0

Postby Maxim » Fri May 05, 2017 1:49 pm

Changelog on GitHub and on HelpCenter
Community Server v9.0 release date 05/04/2017
General portal changes
    Updated the authorization keys page for the third-party services connection;
    Allow to add administrator to the People module;
    Added the possibility to make payment page visible to portal administrators only.
Documents module
    Changed work with DropBox so that it used official SDK instead of SharpBox;
    Added the option to change the file author using the context menu or the sharing dialog window;
    Added the possibility to get the notification about mail merge end to the Talk;
    Added the possibility to subscribe to/unsubscribe from the notification about mail merge end;
    Changed the order of and grouped the actions in the context menu;
    Added the possibility to overwrite, create copy or skip files when copying or moving them creates conflict situation;
    Added the possibility to use the @#$%&;' characters in the file name;
    When creating a new file, a blank file is used as the first revision;
    Added the user profile display when hovering the cursor over the user name in the sharing dialog window and in the file history;
    Added the option to restore the file revisions or editing changes when watching the history within the editors;
    Added the possibility to rename the file when editing it withing the editors;
    Added the integration with DocuSign;
    Fixed the sharing button highlighting when it was shared by other user;
    Redesigned the sharing menu and dialog window.
Projects module
    Added the possibility to create the task copy and move it;
    Added the possibility to create the subtask copy;
    Now the task list is opened automatically if there is at least one open task in it;
    Redesigned the page with the tasks and discussions description;
    Some pages are visited without the page reload;
    Many controls were moved to templates;
    General optimizition and refactoring of the Projects module.
CRM module
    Added IP-telephony integration based on Twilio.
Mail module
    Added the new General Settings option in the module settings which allows to set the messages grouping, always display images from all users, cache the unread messages in the Inbox folder and go to the next unread message after moving/deleting the current message;
    Added the Cancel button (the cross in the upper right corner) to the mail composition form;
    The module work is fixed and sped up when working with big data.
    jQuery was updated to use version 3.1;
    The support for IE 8 and earlier versions is discontinued;
    Added ApiSystem service fuctionality for the hosted solutions;
    Some scripts (jQuery, jQuery.BlockUI, Magnific.Popap, jquery.mousewheel) are not included into the project and are loaded from nuget;
    Fixed authorization problems with Twitter;
    Copying to buffer now uses HTML5;
    Added the mechanism for the preliminary bundle assembly;
    Added gzip-compression for the client script and the bundle saved to the disk.
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