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ONLYOFFICE Document Server 4.2

Postby Maxim » Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:38 am

We have released ONLYOFFICE Document Server 4.2!
It contains a lot of changes and features!
Change log on GITHUB
All Editors
    Ability to set dash type for shapes
    Redesigned embedded viewers
Document Editor
    Ability to set Fit to Page and Fit to Width as default zoom value
    Ability to open and edit Footnotes
    Redone Version History. Ability to hide minor features.
Spreadsheet Editor
    Add ability to insert Equations in Spreadsheet Editor
    Add new formula SUMIFS
    Ability to select data from drop-down menu in context menu
    Add multiselect support
    Add rotation of 3D Charts
    Add editing of Sparklines
    Update and improve visual styles for all chart types
    Bring back Freeze Panes in View Settings menu
    New algorithm for calculating cell height
    Added sparkline clearing to context menu.
Presentation Editor
    Ability to set Fit to Width as default zoom value
    Add ability to insert Equations in Presentation Editor
    Update nodejs from 4.2.0 to current LTS release: 6.9.1
Spreadsheet Editor - fixed issue #63
x2t - fixed issue #55
Docker installation
Download Document Server 4.2

Download Document Server Integration 4.2

Download Document Server 4.2 packages
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