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Postby dheimerl » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:28 pm

I have an Owncloud server running and I have it set up as a Common Documents location. I am looking for a way to use Owncloud as the storage location for documents that are part of a project. I don't need revision tracking or anything, just a way to have the documents from a project be saved to my Owncloud. Am I overlooking something to set this up? It's cumbersome have to switch over to the Documents portion of Onlyoffice when I need a document, instead of just being able to pull up the project documents. So for my Onlyoffice setup, we have some users that will put stuff right in the project documents since they're already in projects, some users will have it in the Owncloud location and I'd like to easily put it all in Owncloud and have an easy way to access it from projects.

Thanks in advance.
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