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Help me interpret statistics log file

Help me interpret statistics log file

Postby globber » Wed May 10, 2017 2:41 pm

HI there,

I would like to understand my usage logfile better. If someone could help me out?!

We are running an integrated document server and don't see much about the use of ONLYOFFICE by our users. What we can see is a statistics log on our cloud system which looks like this:

Code: Select all
[root@sql1 onlyoffice]# cat onlyoffice_april_2017.csv
"Product Code","Product","Usage Month","Customer ID","User Hash","Quantity"
"OO-1","ONLYOFFICE Editors","April 2017","A:<SOME_ID>","<SOME_HASH>","1"

Most of it is obvious, but what do the last two cloumns stand for?

Is there possibility to see more statistics if using the integrated document server?

Best regards

ONLYOFFICE integrated Document Server

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