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LDAP group integration problem

LDAP group integration problem

Postby glaville » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:04 am


We are currently testing OnlyOffice with a 30-day evaluation license for the public organization I'm working for
and encountering problem with the importation of our LDAP users and groups.

These groups are groupOfUniqueNames objects with the following structure:

dn: cn=group1, ou=example,c=org
cn: group1
owner: uid=manager1, ou=example,c=org
uniqueMember: uid=user1, ou=example,c=org
uniqueMember: uid=user2, ou=example,c=org
uniqueMember: uid=user3, ou=example,c=org

OnlyOffice expects two data in the configuration:
  • A Group Member Attribute, here uniqueMember
  • An User Attribute to map this value to

The problem in our case is that the content of uniqueMember is a DN, not the direct value of some LDAP attribute on the Person object:
  • with "uid" as User Attribute, no users are imported at all.
  • with "dn" as User Attribute, we get the following error message "Could not get User Attribute for one or several users.".

Is there any mean to make OnlyOffice handle DNs in Group Member Attribute values?

Since the directory schema is specified at the national level, and relied upon by many other applications in our organization,
changing the format of attribute value itself is out of question for us...

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Re: LDAP group integration problem

Postby Maxim » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:02 am

Hello Guillaume!
Is there any mean to make OnlyOffice handle DNs in Group Member Attribute values?

For now there is no way to make OnlyOffice handle DNs in Group Member Attribute values. Onlyoffice LDAP doesn't support class like uniqueMember.
We have fixed it already in new Onlyoffice 9.5 release.
You will need to set your DN in User Attribute field.
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Thank you for the information.
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