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"The document could not be saved" message.

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"The document could not be saved" message.

Postby rodger » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:34 am

I just learned how to set up NextCloud on my Ubuntu PC, so i set up Only Office Document server using Docker (which I just learned to use) and I installed the only office app in NextCloud and it linked successfully with the document server but when I try to load a document I get the above error. I tried figuring out the solution but I can't make sense of what to actually do.

Please see this Image

When I click "For more information about connecting to Document Server" link: I'm directed to this site which I can't make sense of.

I also found this but don't quite understand what its telling me the solution is.

The editor is loaded with the "The document could not be saved" message.

The document editing service cannot connect to the document storage service at the editorConfig.callbackUrl address.

Check if the Callback handler is working correctly. The document storage service must return {"error": 0} in response.

Does any one have any a link or any advice about how to resolve this issue?

Any help will be really appreciated :)
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Re: "The document could not be saved" message.

Postby Alexander_mb » Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:03 pm

Hello rodger,

The reason of the problem is that document server can not download the file from the NextCloud storage.

Please specify the following for us to detect the issue:

- How did you connect document server to the NextCloud. Could you please provide us with the settings used for the connection (which addresses you have entered in NextCloud admin console and which link you use to open NextCloud).
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