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Community Server v8.9.2

Community Server releases and description of the update.

Community Server v8.9.2

Postby Maxim » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:02 am

Changelog on GitHub and on HelpCenter
Community Server v8.9.2 release date 12/05/2016
Portal settings & Control Panel
    Added LDAP synchronization for users and groups when saving the settings, after login and using the Sync button;
    Changed email formation for LDAP users;
    Fixed the problem of creation of users with invalid emails;
    Fixed the problem of duplicate users;
    Added icons and hints to the users in the list for the admin;
    Blocked for editing the user profile fields imported using LDAP;
    Added the real LDAP password saving to the database during login in case LDAP Auth is disabled, now the LDAP users will become common portal users when LDAP Auth is disabled;
    Added new API Settings method - Sync LDAP;
    Added new translations;
    Bug fixes.
Single Sign On
    Transferred the complete SSO functionality from portal to Control Panel.
Control Panel for Windows
    Made changes at the HTTPS and Update pages for the Control Panel for Windows;
    Changed security certificate connection to using IIS methods with the file in .pfx format and password to it.
    Updates are performed using the downloaded installation packages for each module.
    The current installed component version numbers are obtained via API request to the Community Server.
    The new versions available for download are obtained via the request to the file, where all the latest component version numbers and links for their download are stored in the JSON format.
Documents module
    Added support for the history of changes which has a new format in document editing service (Document Server versions later than 4.1.5);
    Added support for plugin connection.
Mail Server
Connection Settings
    Added page to the Settings for the integration of Community Server with Mail Server.
Installation Script
    Fixed the error shown if the mail domain is not specified, now Mail Server will not be installed if this is the case;
    Fixed the installation of the latest Docker version;
    Removed chmod 777 to the created folders;
    Added hardware checks (40Gb HDD space, ~6Gb RAM, 2 Core Processor) and 6Gb swap creation;
    The components are installed via network by default;
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