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Got an error reading communication packets

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Got an error reading communication packets

Postby w3bigdata » Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:01 pm


for no reason the Docker installation of the Community Edition of Only Office has stopped working on our Linux server
Every was installed months ago and used with success using the provided script :

I have isolated the problem at the mysql container level (id=722791e8a1cc) wich would continualy restart and then immediatly died, here's what I did

On a first shell session I tried to restart the mysql container
Code: Select all
# docker restart 722791e8a1cc

Since I got continous restart, I changed the restart-policy from "always" to "on" with a stops after 3 failure
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docker update --restart=on-failure:3 722791e8a1cc

On a second shell session, i started the docker events viewer
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# docker events&

Wich displayed
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2018-08-27T13:54:19.124330819+02:00 container start 722791e8a1cc2e90b909a9457ef0327310d6d2d80867a057f3f4e8a63a1a1ea1 (image=mysql:5.7.20, name=onlyoffice-mysql-server)
2018-08-27T13:54:20.178529713+02:00 container die 722791e8a1cc2e90b909a9457ef0327310d6d2d80867a057f3f4e8a63a1a1ea1 (exitCode=1, image=mysql:5.7.20, name=onlyoffice-mysql-server)

I inspected the parameters of the mysql container to find the mysql error log file by using the "Mounts" paths.
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# docker inspect 722791e8a1cc
 "Source": "/app/onlyoffice/mysql/conf.d",

Inside the above folder the "onlyoffice.cnf" file reads
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log-error = /var/log/mysql/error.log

I then copied the /var/log/mysql/error.log from the mysql:5.7.20 container to the host file system
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# docker cp 722791e8a1cc:/var/log/mysql/error.log /var/log/mysql_error.log

wich reads tons of lines like :
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"2018-08-27T05:05:25.452382Z 712762 [Note] Aborted connection 712762 to db: 'onlyoffice_mailserver' user: 'root' host: 'onlyoffice-mail-server.onlyoffice' (Got an error reading communication packets)"

Since I cannot start the Mysql serveur container with the docker image I don't have the mysql tools on the host to check if the database (located in the host folder /app/onlyoffice/mysql/data) is ok or needs repair at this stage...

Does this suggest a mysql database of docker image corruption ?

As anyone already met this problem ?

Any help / hints appreciated !

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