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Plugin autostart

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Plugin autostart

Postby lukem » Thu May 24, 2018 11:35 am


(Using online editors)
I have modified 2 example plugins to modify the UI. (attached)
I would like for these plugins to autostart once the editor has loaded and make the changes to the UI.
Following the instructions here I've added the plugins the the skdjs-plugins directory and updated the default.json with the following.

Code: Select all
"plugins": {
        "uri": "/sdkjs-plugins",
        "autostart": [
                "asc.{B62BC2E0-858A-444F-B288-9190DE68B3FE}", #UI Customizer
                "asc.{B62BC2E0-858A-444F-B211-9190DE68B3FE}", #UI Customiser
                "asc.{F5BACB61-64C5-4711-AC8A-D01EC3B2F2E2}" #custom plugin

Looking at the network requests i can see that the plugins.json file contains the following:

Code: Select all
        "../../../../sdkjs-plugins/interface/config.json", //UI
        "../../../../sdkjs-plugins/pictures/config.json", //Custom
        "../../../../sdkjs-plugins/plugin_valgenesis/config.json" //UI

None of the plugins seem to autostart.
is there something i'm doing wrong?

Kind Regards,
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Re: Plugin autostart

Postby Carl » Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:00 pm


UI customization is not included in standard support case. Please contact our Sales team at, they will be glad to inform you about customization services we can provide.
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