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ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v4.3.2

Postby Maxim » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:55 pm

ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v4.3.2
New features
    New plugins - Photo Editor and Document Templates
    Minor updates to translations
    Fix Plugins icons in @2x (bug #34681)
Document Editor
    Fix moving image to header of another page (bug #34637)
    Fix removing shape if undo of grouping is performed (bug #34654)
Spreadsheet Editor
    Fix decreasing size of 3D chart (bug #34685)
    Fix problem with pasting formula, while clicking paste only value
    Fix tooltip position in @2x (bug #34678)
    Fix problem with shrink to fit (bug #34758)
Presentation Editor
    Fix problem with removing comment (bug #34773)
Mobile Web Editors
    Fix problem with opening viewer in OpenSource version
    Fix infinity loop while URI.parse (bug #34716)
    Fix connection leak on healthCheck
    Fix broken docx file with copied chart in shape (bug #34695)
    Fix problem with Go Back button
Windows Installation
    Fix downloading binaries from sourceforge
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