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ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v4.3.0

Postby Maxim » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:11 am

ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v4.3.0

New Features

    Full support of high-dpi monitors
    Ability to set alternative text for shapes
Document Editor
    Undo in Fast co-edit
    Do not hide All changes saved in bottom toolbar
    Adding and editing Footnotes
    New languages for spellchecker (43 in total)
Spreadsheet Editor
    Formulas refactoring and improvements
    Totally new Cell Format window with more options
    Sort options window while sorting ranges
    Added direction of sort on filter buttons
    Added filter condition at statistical information
    Added special paste feature
    Added support of surface chart
    New cell borders styles (11 in total)
Presentation Editor
    Undo in Fast co-edit
Mobile Web Editors
    Completely new mobile web editors
    Ability to run documentserver on custom port
    Ability to check and kick-out idled users
    Ability to perform forced save (by timeout and by button)
    Optimization and speed-up
    Better support of all formats, including (but not limited to):
    Background page
    Data validation
    Global settings for documents
    SVG refactor
    Background page (image, pattern, gradient)
    Convert smart art
    Sheet/Workbook views
    Support convert OLE objects (and other embedded)
    Generate replacement text hyperlink if absent
    Office digital signatures
    Extended drawings
    Custom shapes
    Text in drawing shapes
    A lot new plugins feature

Document Editor
    Fixed an issue with drag-n-drop a table inside a footnote (bug #33548)
    Fixed an issue with crop of shape group (bug #33110)
Spreadsheet Editor
    Fixed an issue with absolute reference when inserting a new row (ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer#41)
    Fixed an issue with onDocumentStateChange event (ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer#88)
    Fixed an issue with formulas translation (ONLYOFFICE/DesktopEditors#23)
    Fixed an issue with password-protected xlsx (ONLYOFFICE/DesktopEditors#24)
    Fixed an issue with non-breaking space (ONLYOFFICE/DesktopEditors#26)
    Fixed an issue with AVERAGEA formula with text format
    Fixed an issue with broken workbook after list copy (bug #33588)
    Fixed an issue with formula recalculation by F4 hotkey (bug #32901)
    Fixed an issue with SUMIFS formula (bug #33602)
    Fixed an issue with inserting image size (bug #33604)
    Fixed an issue with zero values sparklines (bug #33612)
    Fixed an issue with changing number format while changing regional format (bug #31395)
    Fixed an issue with replacing formula delimiters (bug #33608)
    Fixed an issue with cell size while drag'n'drop (bug #33607)
    Fixed an issue with cursor size in @2x (bug #33606)
    A whole lot more minor and big bugfixes
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