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ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v5.0.7

Postby Maxim » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:29 am

ONLYOFFICE Document Server changelog
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New features
    Added the new license type: licensing by the unique user IDs and access period.
Document Builder
    Added a lot of getters and setters to the methods for the Spreadsheet Editor;
    Added the new AddSheet method.
Spreadsheet Editor
    Add strikeout, superscript and subscript options to the top toolbar (bug #26581).
    Added the documentation about the program interface.
All editors
    Updated the translations into main editor languages;
    Set focus out of the editor frame in MS Internet Explorer/Edge browsers.
Document Editor
    Fixed the issue with opening DOCX file containing formula in MS Word (bug #36490);
    Fixed the JavaScript error which occurred while inserting a spreadsheet cell with comment (bug #36506);
    Fixed the bug with inserting the content control into a math equation;
    Fixed the selection from object in header/footer not being reset after keyboard move.
Spreadsheet Editor
    Fixed the wrong dependence in some functions with references to other sheets which occurred after a sheet was removed;
    Fixed the issue with opening an ODT file containing a chart;
    Fixed the issue with calculating a sparkline in some cases (bug #36603);
    Fixed the issue with printing an image outside of the printing range (bug #36573).
Presentation Editor
    Fixed the issue with blocking the shape for the users co-editing in different modes (bug #36435);
    Fixed the issue with the Constant proportions chart button working only once (bug #36494);
    Fixed the JavaScript error which occurred while inserting a page number from Document Editor (bug #36508);
    Fixed the JavaScript error which occurred while undoing a table (bug #36515).
    Fixed the IIS URL Rewrite issue which occurred when uploading an image;
    Fixed the issue with the TTF fonts not being gzipped.
Integration example
    Removed the Integration Edition caption from the logo.
    Fixed the issues with some DOCX, DOC, RTF files from the users;
    Fixed the issues with MathType equations in some DOCX files (bug #36524).
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