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ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer v5.0

PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:02 am
by Maxim
ONLYOFFICE Document Server changelog
ONLYOFFICE on-premises: new features, pricing and licensing

ONLYOFFICE Document Server updated to version 5.0 with a brand new interface, a lot of features and improvements, as well as new interface languages: Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.
At present a new tabbed interface is available for commercial versions only. For open source users we have preserved our simple interface but give access to almost all new features, including pivot tables for viewing and 69 new formulas in spreadsheets, notes in presentations, new plugins in documents, and a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

Watch this video to see how our online document editors look like today:
phpBB [youtube]

[url]ONLYOFFICE on-premises: new features, pricing and licensing[/url]