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Re: Onlyoffice - Nextcloud app

Postby sebastien » Thu May 03, 2018 9:17 am

Hello Maxim,

Here you're showing a working co-edition situation you have when storage is on Nextcloud or when user credential is global, right ?

My current configuration is now this one:

External SMB storage
LDAP authentication
credentials kept in database (instead of "per session" initiallly)

So, according to this, in this mode users can still open docs but co-ediion does not work.

It could be all right for us but my point is that I do not see anything to prevent any data corruption in this case: there is no lock or notification saying that the document is already opened and must not be edited twice. OpenOffice still considers that co-edition is possible whereas it no longer is.

During my tests in this configuration, when I edit a xlsx document from 2 different users simultaneously, I have no idea what the final result is going to be.
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Re: Onlyoffice - Nextcloud app

Postby Maxim » Mon May 07, 2018 1:40 pm

Hello sebastien!
I have no idea what the final result is going to be

Let's imagine that user1 opened a document and begin edit the file and after 5 minutes user2 opened the same document. User1 saved and closed the file - at this moment the file is changed to a new one. But some time later user2 saved and closed the file - at this moment the changed file has been changed again and now has version of the user2.
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