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Table never finishes loading if another user edits cell

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Table never finishes loading if another user edits cell

Postby mus » Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:24 am

Try this:
User A opens a spreadsheet, shares it with user B, and begins an edit in a cell, but does not press "return". So the blinking cursor is still visible in the cell.

User B now tries to open the same document: The sheet never finishes loading, no percentage appears, as if the connection was dead. This doesn't even seem to time out. The spinner just keeps spinning.

User A now presses "enter"

User B can reload and open the file.

Clearly that shouldn't be so. It is a problem especially with lazy users that sometimes click into a cell inadvertently, then walk away from their computer. Off for lunch!-Now one else can open your table. Everyone is at the mercy of that lazy user.
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