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Runtime Error Onlyoffice Community Server Debian + Ubuntu

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Runtime Error Onlyoffice Community Server Debian + Ubuntu

Postby nyxtic » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:21 pm

Hi. I did 10 instalations OnlyOffice Community Server on Ubuntu 14, 16, Debian 8, 9. With Node.js 8, 9 (no Docker).
1. Community server (Project, CRM, Peoples, Community) always work fine.
2. But Documents never. After click on the Document icon i just see Application Exception, Runtime Error at opened path No error log. File inside server data path (web.config) make server permanent loading page. The same situation happen in Project menu Gantt diagram and Project menu / created My new project 1 /Documents

Document server is running on another LAN ( IP address work (I'm able connect to the Document Server from NextCloud []). Creating new docs & edit doc files work fine.
3. In test from from another OnlyOffice Community Server instaled with Docker ( I'm able connect to Document Server ( too.

In fact after 2 days laboring.. I don't see the light :/ It exist ability to debug and repair? Thx for help.
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Re: Runtime Error Onlyoffice Community Server Debian + Ubunt

Postby Maxim » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:38 pm

Hello nyxtic!
Please specify what instruction you followed to install.
Describe how you tried to install step-by-step.
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