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Fulltext Search broken. Sphinx 2.2.10 not available anymore

Fulltext Search broken. Sphinx 2.2.10 not available anymore

Postby ib84 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:08 am


I have an on-premise installation of OO under ubuntu linux done with packages, not docker, and everything is mostly running perfectly. Thanks!

However, I realized that searching only works for projects, persons, community and titles of documents, but fulltext search does not work.

In sphinx settings, the testing the connection to the sphinx daemons is successfull. A small top right notification tells me, that fulltext search requires sphinx version 2.2.10. However, this version is not available, neither in the official ubuntu packages, not in the ppa which is used in the script: ... arch-rel22

I currently have:
searchd --version
Sphinx 2.2.11-id64-release (95ae9a6)

I would like to know how I can get fulltext searching working.

A side question: we have most of our documents in a webdav mount. I think I saw somewhere, that it's possible to save the pdf contents in mysql using pdftotext. Is that true?
However, I cannot find the link anymore and I remember it didn't include detailled instructions. What are the requirements such that sphinx can pick that up and that linking to the external documents works?

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