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Community server latest on docker : cant open any docs

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Community server latest on docker : cant open any docs

Postby ivanbishop » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:22 am

I have the latest docker images running like this
docker ps
1ceaeffdd081 onlyoffice/communityserver "/usr/bin/dumb-init …" 4 hours ago Up 25 minutes 3306/tcp, 5222/tcp, 5280/tcp, 9865-9866/tcp, 9871/tcp, 9882/tcp, 9888/tcp,>80/tcp,>443/tcp commserver

ad494e506227 onlyoffice/documentserver "/bin/sh -c 'bash -C…" 4 hours ago Up About an hour>80/tcp,>443/tcp

I can see the docserver is running FINE!

>>>But I cannot open any documents.

I get the error "download failed, please click OK".... the PENCIL edit icon IS present.

What value do i put in the ADMIN console when doing settings to connect the 9.6 version commserver to the docserver??

I have
Document Editing Service Address (internet facing)

Document Service address for requests from the Community Server (internal net only)

Community Server address for requests from the Document Service (internal net only)

I have SSl enabled with commserver on 6443 and doc server on 5443

Any ideas???

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Re: Community server latest on docker : cant open any docs

Postby Maxim » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:02 am

You have 2 containers on one machine - Community Server ( and (Document Server
How did you install? What instruction you followed to install?
"download failed, please click OK"
Document Server cannot upload file via URL it gets from the Community Server.
Also you check accessibility of the Document Server from the Community Server and vice versa using wget.
Maybe you should install Onlyoffice using script?
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