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Starting OnlyOffice on AWS

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Starting OnlyOffice on AWS

Postby davekant » Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:59 pm

We are using Enterprise OnlyOffice and have setup an EC2 instance in AWS using the provider script ... ation.aspx
The portal is working fine, we uploaded our license key, created users and did some editing using the sample documents.

However, we want to run two instances of only office and use an external mysql database that will be shared by the instances.

Whats the recommended approach to do this?

We note that the MySQL database can defined using environment variables.
However, to do that, we need to start the containers using our own startup script attached.

Our script assumes that the standard installation via the provided script has already been executed, and will stop containers, remove them and delete the bridge network.
It then re-creates the network and executes docker run for each of the containers using the -e and -v commands.

When we run this script, the onlyoffice portal is in a perpetual waiting state with the message
"The portal startup process might take sometime, please wait..."

I have attached the steps we performed, and removed all passwords (replaced with xxxxx) for this post.

Can anyone let me know what i'm doing wrong, or whether there are alternative approaches?

startup script we executed for onlyoffice
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