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[Document Server] External RabbitMQ

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[Document Server] External RabbitMQ

Postby dsi-lille » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:41 pm


i want to use an external RabbitMQ server on my document server.

Following the documentation, i set those environnements variables on document server startup :

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RABBITMQ_SERVER_HOST: The IP address or the name of the host where the RabbitMQ server is running.
RABBITMQ_SERVER_USER: The RabbitMQ server user name.
RABBITMQ_SERVER_PASS: The password set for the RabbitMQ account.

But it's not working and i have this error :

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[2017-02-02 15:02:31.914] [ERROR] nodeJS - [AMQPE] Error: Handshake terminated by server: 403 (ACCESS-REFUSED) with message "ACCESS_REFUSED - Login was refused using authentication mechanism PLAIN. For details see the broker logfile."
    at afterStartOk (/var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver/server/Common/node_modules/amqplib/lib/connection.js:218:12)

After some investigagtion : even if RABBITMQ_SERVER_USER and RABBITMQ_SERVER_PASS are set, Document server are not using it.
Document server use the default credential from RabbitMQ : guest

I take look a the code and this is what i found :
The nodejs library used for connecting to a RabbitMQ is amqplib (
In rabbitMQCore.js file, all the parameters (login, password, timeout...) used to establish a connection are stored in an array (connetOptions).
But referring to the documentation of the library ( ... ml#connect), the login / password have to be stored in the URI.
Something like that :

If there is no login/password in the URI, the nodejs library use guest/guest as login and password.

Am i correct ?
Can you fix this ?

Thanks a lot,
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Re: [Document Server] External RabbitMQ

Postby Maxim » Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:39 pm

Hello Yoann!
Thank you for your error notification! We will fix it next release (4.3) for sure!
Try to use login and password like username:password@host for RABBITMQ_SERVER_HOST
general format for RABBITMQ_SERVER_HOST will be [username:password@]host[:port][vhost]
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