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Suggestion: Proprietary "Safe Mode" extensions

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Suggestion: Proprietary "Safe Mode" extensions

Postby mus » Wed Mar 29, 2017 1:33 pm

We have (any many users probably have) the following 2 problems:

[*] files are hosted on owncloud, OC is connected to OO.
[*] they are shared within oo via link, so some users work collaboratively
[*] BUT some users may work on them locally, using the OC sync feature, which has no option to block the file while it is opened.

obviously, this can lead to concurrent edits which can't be resolved -> document will lose content.

[*] a PPTX created in MS Powerpoint may contain video.
[*] opening this PPTX in OO will cause the video to be replaced by a poster frame.
[*] similar behavious with autoText in DOCX or Validation/Conditional formatting in XSLX, etc.

this is a problem in Workplaces where both tools are still used.

As I see it, OO could be our standard tool for simple documents, but for more complex stuff (as in 2.) we would give up collaborative editing and revert to MS Office. That's fine! Still better than using Google Docs, or any other alternative.

Now here's the point:
[*] it would be better if OOs standard file type was NOT DOCX/PPTX/XSLX, because this can lead to problems 1 and 2.
[*] if oo used another extension by default - say .DOCC/PPTC/XLSC for example - then problems 1 and 2 would not appear!
[*] still, a user could always rename a DOCC to .DOCX if they wanted to edit an OO file in MS Office. Solves Problem 1.
[*] and if i wanted to open a DOCX file in OO, it could automatically be opened as a copy with DOCC extension, solving (at least alleviating) Problem 2.

This would probably be trivial to implement, maybe in the form of a server configuration option "USE PROPRIETARY EXTENSIONS".

I would be willing to pay to have this feature. It would allow us to link our existing server to OO, which we currently don't dare to do because of Problem 2, mostly.

Perhaps it's something that we can patch ourselves in our install - if you could point us in the right direction?
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Re: Suggestion: Proprietary "Safe Mode" extensions

Postby Maxim » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:32 am

Hello mus!
Great thanks for your post and detailed information.
Be sure we will take it into account.
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