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Spreadsheet: Missing Features (and how to fix them)

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Spreadsheet: Missing Features (and how to fix them)

Postby mus » Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:33 pm

we're getting serious about replacing MS Office/Openoffice with OO and step for step, new questions come up. I understand that you're not interested in reproducing every single Excel-Feature but let me ask about the following features, which are currently, as it seems, just not supported in OO.
I would like to know if a) these features are on the roadmap or if b) you think it might be feasible (and worthwhile) to reproduce them as plug-ins or c) if you could imagine adding them if we participate in the development cost?

Protecting fields
I can only write protect an entire document, but the beauty of excel is that i can create Forms on protected sheets where a user will only be able to edit some input fields without accidentally destroying others. That Feature would be even more important on a cloud based system! Google Sheets have that, and so does MS OneDrive.

Conditional Formatting
Another feature that we use a lot in our current spreadsheets, but apparently not there in OO at all. I could imagine this could be done in a Plugin quite easily?

linking to an individual sheet in the documents URL
If i have a complex document made up of several sheets, i want to embed sheet 1 on page A in my wiki and sheet 2 on page B. But currently there is only one view for each document, or is there perhaps some hidden URL parameter for that?

Speaking of which, it would be great if we could access URL variables from a plug-in - would greatly dd to the hackability of OO.

Embedding a sheet in another document
I basically want to open document A and then have it load Sheet X (out of document B) and be able to access that sheet as if it was originally a part of document A. We are using this feature to collect data entered by our coworkers, and to avoid redundancies by using "master tables". Again, would such a feature be possible via a plug-in?

and two more general questions:

Is your feature roadmap published somewhere?
How about setting up a repo for third-party plugins? If we're going to develop our own plugins, we might as well share them with the world.
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Re: Spreadsheet: Missing Features (and how to fix them)

Postby Maxim » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:49 am

Hello mus!
We are working on it! We have a lot of tasks and those that you mentioned we also have on our roadmap!
Soon i hope we will release public roadmap.
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