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Error editing file with the PHP example

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Error editing file with the PHP example

Postby luis.mas » Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:03 am

Hi everyone,

I've installer OnlyOffice Document Server using docker without problems. In fact, I can access Docker IP and use Document Server and everything works fine.

I'm currently developing an integration with another application developed in PHP. So I downloaded the PHP example, configured it and I'm getting an error. Can you help me? Thanks!!! :cry:

These are the steps I've followed to make the things work:

1. Download de PHP example zip file from here:
2. Configure an Apache VirtualHost with the URL
3. Modify /etc/hosts file to add the URL to
4. Uncompress it and modify the config.php file with my configurations ( is the Docker IP and 8080 is the Docker mapped port):

Code: Select all

define('WEB_ROOT_URL', '');

$GLOBALS['FILE_SIZE_MAX'] = 5242880;

$GLOBALS['MODE'] = "";

$GLOBALS['DOC_SERV_VIEWD'] = array(".ppt",".pps",".odp",".pdf",".djvu",".fb2",".epub",".xps");
$GLOBALS['DOC_SERV_EDITED'] = array(".docx",".doc",".odt",".xlsx",".xls",".ods",".csv",".pptx",".ppsx",".rtf",".txt",".mht",".html",".htm");
$GLOBALS['DOC_SERV_CONVERT'] = array(".doc",".odt",".xls",".ods",".ppt",".pps",".odp",".rtf",".mht",".html",".htm",".fb2",".epub");




$GLOBALS['ExtsSpreadsheet'] = array(".xls", ".xlsx",
                                    ".ods", ".csv");

$GLOBALS['ExtsPresentation'] = array(".pps", ".ppsx",
                                    ".ppt", ".pptx",

$GLOBALS['ExtsDocument'] = array(".docx", ".doc", ".odt", ".rtf", ".txt",
                                ".html", ".htm", ".mht", ".pdf", ".djvu",
                                ".fb2", ".epub", ".xps");

if ( !defined('ServiceConverterMaxTry') )
    define( 'ServiceConverterMaxTry', 3);

if ( !defined('ServiceConverterTenantId') )
    define( 'ServiceConverterTenantId', '');
if ( !defined('ServiceConverterKey') )
    define( 'ServiceConverterKey', '');


5. Access to and it shows the upload form
6. Upload one .doc file and it uploads ok
7. Click in "Edit" button and finnaly I get this error:

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Re: Error editing file with the PHP example

Postby luis.mas » Thu Aug 27, 2015 7:25 am

Ok so I found the error and apply the solution. The problem was the config file: the server converting and server api URL's where pointing to not to my local server.

You can close the post! :)
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