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[SOLVED] "Failed to download converted file"

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[SOLVED] "Failed to download converted file"

Postby victorbw » Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi everyone

I'm using the onlyoffice document-server on a dedicated ubuntu 16.04, non-docker-version, combined with a remote nextcloud-server (v 11.0.3), but fail to open/convert *.doc/*.xls files (old formats).

As I am pretty much a newbie with onlyoffice and pretty much didnt find any solutions to my issue so far, im trying to get some help with it.

Redis, nginx and everything seems to run fine, as far as I can asses...

The follwing error-messages occur:
Web-UI:"Failed to download converted file"

Error-Log (var/logs/onlyoffice/documentserver/converter/out.log) :
[ERROR] nodeJS - error downloadFile:url=https://[*URL PLACEHOLDER*]/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/EVUFKRCtRdjhJZ3JVRVQxQ04vb20zdDEybz0/eyJhY3Rpb24iOiJlbXB0eSJ9;attempt=5;code:undefined;connect:undefined;(id=conv_check_476421962_docx

[ERROR] nodeJS - redisClient error Error: Redis connection to localhost:6379 failed - connect ECONNREFUSED

"app":"onlyoffice","message":"Failed to download converted file: [*PLACEHOLDER*]

*.docx and all these never filetypes work pretty fine without any interruptions or errors at all.

any recommendation or hints would be much appreciated.

thank you very much in advance
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Re: "Failed to download converted file"

Postby Maxim » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:01 am

Hello victorbw!
1) Is it possible to download from NC server edited docx file after editing? It needs to be checked that docx file which had been edited would save editings you made and you would be able download this file and open it.
2) [ERROR] nodeJS - redisClient error Error: Redis connection to localhost:6379 failed - connect ECONNREFUSED - ? Does your Doc server work?
3) https://[*URLPLACEHOLDER*]/index.php/apps/onlyoffice/EVUFKRCtRdjhJZ3JVRVQxQ04vb20zdDEybz0/eyJhY3Rpb24iOiJlbXB0eSJ9;attempt=5;code:undefined;connect:undefined;(id=conv_check_476421962_docx - very strange URL, it shouldn't look like this one
4) attach please logs (var/logs/onlyoffice/documentserver/converter/out.log) we need to see all information inside
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