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Edit and Collaborate on Your Documents within SharePoint

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Edit and Collaborate on Your Documents within SharePoint

Postby Maxim » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:50 am

ONLYOFFICE instead of MS Office Online. Edit and Collaborate on Your Documents within SharePoint!
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Hello, everyone!
We have a great piece of news for those who are running SharePoint Server and are looking for a way to collaboratively work on Word and Excel documents with a really complex formatting. We have developed an ONLYOFFICE app for SharePoint. So from now on you can use the most complete online office suite in your SharePoint web interface.

Why ONLYOFFICE is better than MS Office Online
    More secure
    Deploy ONLYOFFICE on your private network and take a full control of your data.
    More collaborative
    Use the Fast mode to see what your teammates are typing at the moment or the Strict mode to work on the document passage without being distracted by others. Reviewing, chat, and comments are also available.
    More feature-rich
    Add charts, auto shapes, complex mathematical equations, decorate the font, edit headers/footers, create styles, change the design of the whole document with two clicks and even more.
Read about 11 features missing in MS Office Online, but available in ONLYOFFICE or watch our presentation.

How to start
    Step 1. Download the latest version of ONLYOFFICE Online Editors.
    Use a free version if you have a team up to 20 users and IT knowledge required to configure and update the software. Otherwise, select one of our Enterprise Edition solutions.
    Step 2. Download and install our integration app that works as a bridge between ONLYOFFICE Online Editors and SharePoint.
    Step 3. Configure the SharePoint ONLYOFFICE integration app.
    Step 4. Start editing your documents.

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For any purchase questions, email us at
For solving technical problems, contact us at if you use a commercial version or write on our forum if you use our free solution or visit our forum.
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